Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Learn Spanish, Teach ESL, Learn English

Fotopala.com is FREE. To enjoy these resources, just click on any of the links in blue font and enjoy! The menu bar on the left will also take you to all the content, and use the sidebar on the right to search for helpful blog articles.

Learn Spanish

Go to Five Secrets to Becoming Fluent in Spanish to find many helpful tips and websites. Looking for some FREE file downloads and other FREE resources? Click Spanish Words and Resources. Also, here is a link to FREE Spanish Public TV and Radio.

Teach ESL English

Would like to travel the world while teaching English? Click How to Become an ESL Teacher. There are hundreds of jobs around the world, just click Jobs for English Teachers. If you prefer to teach English in Central America or South America, click ESL Jobs in Spanish Speaking Countries.  You can also Volunteer in Latin America.

Learn English

Go to Learn English to find some of the best FREE resources available.

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